Divorce is tough, but it really doesn’t have to be. It can be a time of rediscovery of who you are and what’s important.

This is about Love… and you’re not finished.
You’re just getting started.

I bet you’re confused by how much the world seems to have changed, and might not feel entirely comfortable with how it seems to be changing.

The truth, which has been obscured is simple: Women and men like each other. More importantly, women like you.

Some of you might not believe me at this point. But like Yoda says to Luke in Dagobah: “That is why you fail.”

I want to help you become 30% better in all aspects of your life, but 100% better in your romantic interactions.

It’s time… to Get Back in the Game!

Get Back in the Game!

What It Takes To Win

Any achievement requires work and study. You went to school to learn math… You took lessons to be able to drive a car… So with one of the most important aspects of your life, doesn’t it make sense to read up on it?

How men learn is different. We prioritize honesty, brevity and technology. The Casanova Protocol teaches you in ways that unites traditional methods (audio + text) with neurolinguistic programming.

The world is different. The Game has changed. But we’ve got your back. You’re going to come back stronger, smarter, and more powerful than you dreamed.

The Casanova Protocol doesn’t teach you how to ‘trick women’ into dating you.

It’s Better Than That…and So Are You…

Become the popular, confident guy you’ve always envied. Connect with any woman you talk to. Learn how to destroy ‘chat-up anxiety’. Harness your self-confidence and project an aura of magnetic appeal.

With the Casanova Protocol you’ll continue your journey to be a total badass!


Here’s What You Get:

So What is The Casanova Protocol?

  • 7 Primary Modules – in both Audio and eBook format

    These include exercises to help you absorb, and put into practise what you’re learning, so that you develop new skills to help change your life!

  • 1 Bonus Module on Dating in the era of #Metoo

    What precautions every guy should be taking today

  • 1 Bonus Module on Dating Profile Set-Up

    Get tips on upping your online game! Take the shortcut to success

  • 1 Bonus Module on Making the Age Difference work for you

    Places (online and in real life) to find classy, interesting women who love older men!

  • 5 Special NLP Audio Tracks with Advanced Lessons

    Advanced neuro-linguistic programming will remove self-doubt and negative thoughts – unlocking your inner magnetism. This causes positive change remarkably quickly based on frequency of usage.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to erase your previous limiting beliefs
  • The Simple Steps to talking to Anyone
  • Becoming yourself more deeply as a method of dating success
  • 4 Proven Techniques that Help You Win the Break-Up Game
  • Eye Contact Skills to Increase Interest and Build Intrigue
  • Trust-Building Exercises that Make People Like You
  • Tips and Strategies to Help You Reach Specific Dating Goals

Satisfaction Guaranteed – in more ways than

If you’re not completely satisfied with everything you discover with the Casanova Protocol…

If you feel that it doesn’t give you everything you need in order to get back in saddle and succeed in 60 days or less… then we’ll refund every cent you’ve paid.

No Drama. No BS!

Feedback from Others Just Like You!

“My wife filed for divorce six weeks ago. I had nothing left to lose so I tried it. Within two weeks I regained a great deal of confidence back. I’m becoming the best version of myself …The Casanova Protocol is pure magic. ”

– A. Depasse.
Chicago, Ill.

“I thought no one would want me at 55, but now I realize I have a shot with almost anyone. Thank you!”

– Mike B.
Lafayette, Indiana

“I have to get ready for my first date in 6 years!! This changed my life!”

– Jeremy K.
Colorado Springs, CO

The Casanova Protocol is Guaranteed to Put You Back in the Game or Your Money Back!


"This product contains adult language and situations, and is not meant for those under 18 years old."